The Internet Of Things is a means to an end, and the more people we can invite into that, the easier we can make it to get to that end.

The real meat of the Internet Of Things is not the coding, it isn’t the connecting, it isn’t the dashboards. At the end of the day it’s what you’re building and the effect it has on the persons you are building it for. The Internet Of Thing is an amazing act, it’s challenging and complex, but in some ways, it can be a barrier. And what we’re interested in is the future being less about devices, connecting and coding. We think the future of the Internet Of Things is not about technology at all, we think low-code Internet Of Things is the future.

Low-code is a way to design and develop software fast and with minimal coding. It enables skilled people to deliver value more quickly and more reliably. Low-code is about getting more done in less time. Low-code, is a trend in general, it is about connecting the dots without creating the dots. We believe the Internet Of Things requires to be its own dot in the low-code community.

Low-code Internet Of Things

The Internet Of Things can be complex and requires a lot of things to be right. It involves sensors, embedded software, communication protocols, back-ends listening to devices, security, integrations with external systems, analytics, front ends for configuration, verification and communication of results and so on. One of the reasons there seems to be so many IOT platforms is because they all serve, rightfully so, a part of the puzzle that needs to be solved.

We believe that low-code Internet Of Things will be the tool that will allow you, as an owner of devices, create value for your customers. We at MEUNGO provide a low code device management software as a service which allows you to manage your own devices, users, dashboards and actions.