MEUNGO network welcomes an exciting new collaboration

MEUNGO are pleased to announce a new member in our developing ecosystem; Enless Wireless who makes a wide range of wireless transmitters to monitor the energy consumption of buildings.

Both companies saw a good complementary fit in the growing market for smart building energy management. MEUNGO, which offers the possibility to connect 95% of the market’s radio sensors by enabling data driven decision making in lightning speed, quickly attracted the attention of Enless Wireless wishing to orient its English speaking customers towards a flexible solution that is quickly implementable. “Our first impression is that the platform is clear and the dashboards easy to configure. We can see that the platform is adaptable to a wide variety of applications, which is great. In addition the decision support features will help our overseas clients react in real-time” says Victor Petit, from Enless Wireless.

David Rijsman, founder of MEUNGO, emphasizes his confidence in the collaboration: “The Enless Wireless products we tested are responsive and flexible, and MEUNGO was very impressed by the wide range and long battery life of their Sigfox sensors. We are pleased to provide our joint customers with an optimized energy performance tool fed by their range of sensors



The combination of Enless Wireless and MEUNGO solutions enables real-time, enhanced decision making across the enterprise. The added value also lies in the adaptability and scalability of the solution: the end user can independently add new sensors, configure his dashboard and decision triggers according to its needs. Via our intuitive tool the end user can define its world for better real-time data driven decisions that save time, money and energy.

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