Asset tracking allows you to determine the current and past locations of your assets. It allows you to track assets real-time, prevent loss, theft and reduce damage. Tracking can also be essential for meeting compliance and industry standard regulations. With MEUNGO you can track assets and define rules. We enable you to combine different sensors into one asset.

  • See when your assets are active
  • See how your assets are being used
  • Calculate your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)
  • Reduce downtime using condition based maintenance

We can help you start tracking today. Contact us and we will guide you through the following steps:

MEUNGO is helping Buhrmann Pressure Systems managing their assets.

Buhrmann Pressure Systems is now able to see where and how their industrial high pressure systems are being used. Using the real time and historical data allows Buhrmann to improve their services. For example alerts  are automatically dispatched to prevent unnecessary wear and tear.

Collect your data

To track your asset you need a sensor that will transmit at least the location. We know where to get your sensors and how to get them connected to our platform. If you need more than location we can also make that work

Monitor your assets

Once you are connected you are ready to start collecting your data. After defining your assets with all its meta data you can start building dashboards to monitor your assets.

Act on your data

Big data is worthless unless it is actionable. Use the easy to use interface to define triggers to act. Send e-mails or messages when assets enter or leave areas. Invoke external IT systems by invoking their API's. Our expression builder allows you to define complex expressions to trigger a wide array of actions.

Improve and optimize

Not only do you know where each individual asset is at any moment in time, you also know how they compare to each other. Your data is now structured to start improving by applying analytics on the collected data.