• Deliver just in time, replenish just before its empty
  • Pickup just in time, empty your container just before its full
  • Vendor managed inventory, manage consignment stock based on real accurate levels
  • Optimize pickup and delivery routes and prevent failed deliveries

Monitoring accurate levels allows you to react but also to understand how your products are being used.

Collect your data

We can track your inventory or remaining capacity. You can measure weight, volume or levels. We can bring it all together in one place. We know where to get your sensors or how to connect your existing equipment all in one central place.

Monitor your supply chain

Once you are connected you are ready to start collecting your data. After defining your supply chain you can start building dashboards to monitor inventory.

Act on your data

Big data is worthless unless it is actionable. Use the easy to use interface to define triggers to act. Send work-orders to your planning system. Invoke external IT systems by invoking their API's. Our expression builder allows you to define complex expressions to trigger a wide array of actions.

Improve and optimize

Not only do you know the real time state of all your inventory, you also know how one sites compares to another site. Your data is now structured to start improving by applying analytics and machine learning.