Smart kitchens allow you to monitor what is going on in your commercial kitchen. Your point of sales, ovens, fryers and cooling equipment all produce data you can act on to improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption and decrease operational cost.

The commercial kitchen equipment market, like many other domains, is organised in four layers.

Layer one, the manufacturer of the equipment.

Layer two, the supplier of the equipment, also executing the maintenance

Layer three, the chain which manages large part of the brand and supply chain

Layer four the end-user of the equipment often the franchise owner

Each of these layers has different use cases for the data being produced.

The manufacturer is interested in how the equipment is used, what works and what does not work, how can the next generation be improved. The supplier of the equipment has the contact with the buyers and is interested in how new services can be added to the portfolio and how maintenance can be executed better. The chain is interested in how the equipment is being used across sites and keeping equipment up to date with new recipes and firmware. The end-user is interested in up time, correct working equipment and no unplanned maintenance.

Who owns the data, who provides the connectivity, who pays who and what kind of technical infrastructure makes sense are examples of questions we address.

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“Levens will make the complete commercial kitchen online. 24 hours per day insight in the use and usage of all the equipment”

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