A Sigfox sensor is a sensor that uses the communication protocol Sigfox. It is an inexpensive, reliable, low-power solution to connect sensors and devices.

Most of us have heard of 4G, a communication protocol for our phones, it is designed for 100’s of megabits per second mobile communication. This kind of communication requires a lot of cell towers and also a lot of battery power on your mobile device. The Sigfox protocol is designed for low power mobile devices to enable reliable, inexpensive, long range communication of small data packages. This allows users to connect sensors at remote sites and independent of external power sources.

Sigfox is the protocol and a Sigfox sensor is the device that uses the protocol to communicate whatever the sensor is sensing. Their exists hundreds of Sigfox sensors for example:

  • Smart tracking
    typically location with some additional sensing
  • Monitor environmental conditions
    humidity, soil mosture, carbon dioxide, rain water and many more
  • Temperature Monitoring
    all kinds of temperature measuring using a T-wires or connected to existing fixed sensors
  • Building & Office monitoring
    occupation and comfort sensors
  • Security
    all kinds of air quality, motion sensors, water detection into the bilge of your boat
  • Universal Acquisition Transmitters
    allows you to connect any analog or digital signals

The MEUNGO platform allows you to manage all your Sigfox sensors in one application and organize, visualize and act on the data coming from your sensors.